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Name:water safety of biological pattern of tracking and detection device

Working principle

The device is no need person under fully automatic operation. The device adopts the method of threshold segmentation to identify the three kinds of biological activities and frame difference method to detect the biological activity, which takes the microprocessor unit to deal with the image, judges according to the algorithm of decision support afterextracting features, and then analyzes the image processing software. If it is in the case of abnormal situation based on the analysis results, through the wireless communication and network transmission to the monitoring center to send an alarm signal, the director will grasp the risk of water safety the first time. The device improves the management efficiency and reduces the management cost by automatic risk identification, analysis and prompt.

Performance parameter:

1. The application of BOD5 concentration: 0-60 mg/L

2. The application of dissolved oxygen concentration: DO0.1 mg/;

3. Detection limit of harmful substance concentration: 0.3mg/L;

4. Detection limit of water pollutant: 0.3mg/L;

5. Analog output: valid 4-20mA, maximum load 500 ohm;

6. Digital output: RS485, MODBUS;

7. The alarm: fault alarm, the results of the alarm;

8. Display: 7 inch LCD color touch screen;

9. Working temperature: general 15°-25°C;

10. Power source: 220 V   50Hz;

11. Shell material: PVC board;

12. Control system: siemens PLC, the query and export of historical records;

13. Installation requirements: equipment room area is not less than 2.5m*2.5m;

14. Optional communication port: 4-20mA, RS232, RS485;

15. Added sensor: dissolved oxygen, PH, redox, conductivity; sensor for other requirements.

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