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                产品中心 | Products

                TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD( FUZHOU
                P-D TECHNOLOGY OF

                Address: No.11 Jingpu Road ,Jinshanpushang Industrial Zone
                Cangshan District,Fuzhou,Fujian   

                Tel :0591 -87806988

                Fax :0591 -87806628



                     Hua Chuan Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Fuzhou Veyron Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.) established in 1997, is a high-tech enterprise engaged in environmental engineering, biological engineering, genetic engineering and computer network technology, whose businesses involved in lake basin of water sources of the ecological remediation equipment and technical equipment, remediation technology, research, development, implementation and operational management of new supervisory technologies about water quality and water purifying, all kinds of domestic sewage, industrial sewage and treatment equipment of wastewater to promote the development and operation. The company is building a series of operating high-end platform on the material foundation of the Internet of Things of the water environment, water ecology, water culture with a number of patents and proprietary technology.

                    The company's technical team is working with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fuzhou University, Xiamen University, provincial environmental monitoring station and other research institutions and universities to form a large technical support platform system. The company is constantly breaking through the technology of environmental protection, biological technology, communication and electronic information technology and other domestic and international technical bottlenecks to create a first-class technology, first-class talents, first-class quality service of new modern enterprise.

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